Special design

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Special design

Unique products for unique customers.


Unika produkter för unika kunder.



Special design

More and more of our customers are choosing to produce their products directly in our factories in Asia and Europe. The benefits are many and the result a win-win situation.
Together we create completely unique products for your company. Either we start from one of our existing products and adapt with your own profile. Sewing details, print or embroidery application, color, custom labels, hangtags, buttons, packaging and more are customized to make the product completely unique to your company. If none of our existing products are suitable to start from, we produce completely new products with new designs and dimensions lists etc. in order to find a product that fits your profile.
In addition, at a price lower than a standard product in Sweden.
The difference is partly the delivery time, which in the case of special design usually lies around 4 months from the order confirmation, and that the volume requirement starts at 500 units.
If your organization is interested to produce a unique collection of garments or to ”just” produce your company-cap at a lower price, we have a good offer.
Before each order, we produce design sketches and select materials to proceed with. Each order begins with a physical test for approval before production begins.

If interested
Please contact us with your inquiry to cecilia@novatrading.se.