Our printshop works with screen and transfer printing. 92/5000 Five production lines provide a good capacity to meet our delivery times on stocked garments. Of course, we are flexible to our customers’ wishes and can deliver within 24 hours if needed.

Existing special solutions may include:

  • Numbers, naming in different variants
  • storage of transfers
  • flock-, metallic-, ”3d” print
  • print as a neck label


Our embroidery shop has access to embroidery machines of varying sizes to handle large and small orders.

152/5000 From idea to finished garment – our graphic designers work in concert with embroidery staff to achieve the best possible result with our customers’ message.

Existing special solutions may include:

  • embroidery in combination with fabric, for example, sewn letters
  • embroidered badges
  • embroidery with underlying material for a 3d effect
  • naming in different variants


As a tool for special design, our sewing department is invaluable and assists in the preparation of physical samples before we start production.

We also have the opportunity to take care of applying labels or marking garments in difficult-to-reach places as we can open seams, etc.

When producing products on a small scale, this can be an alternative to production abroad, for example, the production of chair covers, sashes and more for specific events.