Clubs & Associations

Clubs, once again you can create your own webshop together with us. Easy to collect the products that your club wants to appear together in.

Club wear

100% simplicity

When it comes to the club’s profiling, we have focused on solving the problems that are usually associated with the purchase of the club jacket, sweater etc.
Together with the manager of the club, we develop a profile, color combinations and selection of products. We then produce advertising and information material and create a web shop for the members. Members can then order their club products themselves via webshop, e-mail, or telephone and have them sent directly home.

Payment is easily done with klarna or swish by respective order. The unit price of the products is the same as if the club had bought a larger quantity of ex jackets at one time.

The entire program is free of charge for the club.
Of course, our entire range is available as club products.



In order to be able to embroider a club badge, you first have to make a pattern card, the cost of which varies from 500-2,000: – depending on the design of the logo. When developing a club collection we offer this cost.
The cost of embroidery is calculated very simply:
65: – for small embroideries: chest, sleeve
95:- for medium-sized embroideries: back, scabbard
155: – for large embroideries: quilt, box curtain

For private embroidery the same prices apply as for the club, you can find fonts to choose from on the order form.

Print & Transfer

We can both screen print and make transfers for your garments. Simple garments such as T-shirts, tops and polos are suitable for print / transfer.
The cost for 1-color logos is 25:-/pc

To set up your webshop or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact
Phone 0142-80800