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Soon you will find a large selection of products in our new online store.

For an active outdoor life

Here you will find clothing and accessories for camping, hunting and outdoor activities.



Welcome to NOVA Trading!

We are a company that places equal value on the small and large customer.

We have over the years designed and produced large collections for both European Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games, specific collections for companies.

For over 25 years we have worked with profiling in both Sweden and internationally.

Our strength is that we have everything “Inhouse” from design to warehousing and distribution for various companies in our own premises. We have for many years worked with trading in Asia and production in Sweden. This, together with our own screen printing, embroidery, graphics and sewing in house, allows us to give our customers fast and secure deliveries in a short time with very competitive prices.

Why choose Nova as a complete supplier like many customers have made and still do over the years?

You have everything from design, manufacturing in Asia, Europe and Sweden, warehousing, financial management, distribution, hosting of webshops or why not let us build your website or webshop, we started to build webshops for customers in the early 90’s.

This simplifies for your company as you do not need to put all these parts on let’s say four different partners but have a contact, a simple and convenient management method that also saves money and time.

We want you as our customer, to always be satisfied, that is why we have all this to offer your company, so that you feel safe working with Nova.

Cecilia Johnson

Environmental work

At Nova Trading, we believe it is important to be active and follow developments to improve the environment